Technology help organizations to improve competitiveness, efficiency, control, costs and other key aspects finally aligned to their business strategy; however, technology is only one side of the equation; there are also processes, methodologies, and people as the most important asset.

Ultimate Viewpoint understands IT is a piece of a complete solution supporting the business strategy so that’s why its services are designed for specific layers like, organization, processes, IT infrastructure, Applications, Data Analysis or for verticals like Security, IT asset management, Uptime and business continuity, etc. but always aligned to the main company’s goals and strategy.

Business Intelligence

Business Decision Support using state of the art technologies such as: BI, DataMining, Big Data Analytics, Data Analytics and more.


Applications (ERP, CRM, Point of Sales, MRP and more) improving business performance. We work with our client on aligning their business processes and organization to their strategy, identifying key performance indicators and setting all together in a complete solution supported by the most adequate technology case by case.


Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Operation of IT Services like e-mail, DB, antivirus, MOSS, Active Directory and more.


Private, Public and hybrid cloud solutions and management.


Datacenter Infrastructure, Design, Implementation, Operation. 24/7 Maintenance Policies, Rack and Stack, Decomission.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Services including Design, Documentation, Monitoring and more.


WAN/ LAN/ WI-FI/ Design Implementation, Operation and Support. On site and remote support. WIFI Surveys

Distributed Computing

All kind of services across the life cycle of the distributed computing infrastructure (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Printers, etc.), from the initial preparation (staging), on-site delivery, personalization, support, removal, data wipe and final disposition.On site and remote support.


Printing Services from low profile inkjet printers up to large format.

Human Resources

Our full time and part time specialized human Resources (bodyshop) assigned to your organization can be also managed by ourselves, looking for the best efficiency. Although we normally have available the most used profiles we can also look for any specific you may need.